Sunday, 28 April 2013

Delays and a Change of Location

I haven't spoken much of my impending launch. Partially, that's because it's been delayed a bit. There's a backlog in some bureaucratic channels (nothing bad, just paperwork) and even more, I'm moving. The move is sudden. I've only known for the last two weeks. This is also not a bad thing at all. Just sudden. Actually, it's a very good thing. In this new place I'll be getting my own soap room. It won't have a sink but lots of space for curing shelves, my ingredient shelves, and a work bench, and really that's all I have to have. I'll visit the kitchen for the sink XD.

My future landlord is a fan of handmade soap, how awesome is that? I can paint if I want to, though I'll probably use my collection of pictures instead. So launching is delayed until I can get licensing in this new city, get my lair set up. But there is all the time in the world. And honestly, I'm going to have a SOAP LAIR. Not much could kill my mood at this point.

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