Sunday, 31 March 2013

What? Another Soap Video?

Another day, another soap video.

The weather has been very summery these last couple of days. We'll have a cold snap again before long and certainly more rain but for now it's been really quite nice. In any case I took advantage of a day off and made a new soap video. Better lighting this time, that is for certain.

In the video I called the soap my take on a droplet swirl but in truth the swirl doesn't have much in common with a droplet swirl other than you pour coloured batter into your mold that is already mostly filled with the main colour. The similarities end there. So I suppose I'm just going to call this the gravity swirl in all future uses. I can't imagine it's all that original. It's painfully simple but I like the effect so that is pretty much that. It's not unlike my in the mold swirl except that you pour the batter into the mold at different heights so the colours penetrate to different depths.

The soap is Neroli, Orange Peel, Bergamot and Chamomile. I have a certain love affair going on for those last two notes. I'm using them a lot lately. The soaps don't end up smelling the same or anything. It is the blender in me I suppose. I find notes I like and I use them in different ways to enjoy the notes.

In any case, Playing with Gravity:

Since I am entertained making these videos, and trying to improve on them, I'll probably post another one next week. For now I am giddily awaiting the next Soap Challenge.

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