Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Soap Video

Soaping one handed is not my forte. This has been proven once again as I just made a video of my process for my Youtube channel. It's nothing exciting, the lighting is horrible but I will share it anyway at the end of this post. I am not a coordinated person. Actually, I'm accident prone. So soaping one handed is awkward at best and clumsy at worst but how do we ever get better at anything with a lot of repetition, aka practice. The videos will only be filmed with batches that I've soaped during daylight hours given lighting and all. This will mean that only one or two batches a week will probably be possible to film. I have more “days” off my day job that are actually nights off so I tend to soap around 2am.

In any case, this is the video:

It's really shaky and I need to keep the camera where it is showing you something useful but for my first video, it could be a lot worse.

I still haven't finished my product photography. It's now become my morning after work project. Actually, that may not be a bad way to wind down.


  1. Robyn your swirl soap is gorgeous! I wanted to add that I love the name of your company very unique!

  2. Thank you very much Pam. The name of my company comes from a nickname I was given by a friend's great uncle. He couldn't remember my name but knew it was bird related so he has always referred to me as the little bird.